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Gain Access to English Speaking Countries

Gain Access to English Speaking Countries


​Providing  IELTS training  and review  for candidates globally.


Benefits of Working with a Tutor

Ryan is an ESL teacher with the CELTA qualification and international teaching experience teaching young learners, teens and adults. Ryan has taught IELTS preparation classes and English as a Second Language in Qatar, Russia and Canada. He has also worked as a teaching assistant and mentored first year students taking Liberal Studies at Vancouver Island University in Canada.

  • Achieve a 6.5 or higher band score
  • Individual attention & flexibility
  • Customized lessons to suit you individual needs

7 Years Experience

CELTA certified with international experience


Complete Service

Focusing on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Grammar

Best Price Guarantee

A 45-minute IELTS trial lesson for CAD $20 (50% off regular price)

Dedicated to Anyone Who Wishes to Make English Their Second Language

Lessons Are Competence Based, So You Always Receive A Quality Education

An important preparation for the IELTS test is to find out about the structure of the test. What are the sections of the test? Which one comes first? Second? How much time is allowed for each section? How many questions are there? How long must I speak? There are simple questions to answer, but important. Once you are familiar with the test format, you will be more relaxed. You will be able to focus on answering questions well, rather than worrying about how many questions there are, or how much time is left.

Let Me Help You Prepare For IELTS

If you need a personalized learning path with clear objectives such as achieving a 6.5 or higher IETLS score, nothing beats our one-on-one tutoring lessons. Learn in partnership with a personal English tutor who’ll give you all the support and motivation you need.

What Students Have to Say:


Don't over think it and stop searching.

Valerie Leroyer - General Practitioner (GP)

I am a general practitioner in family medicine, from Quebec (a French environment). I need to pass the IELTS in order to get my medical license to work in an English province, here in Canada.Now, I feel pretty good and confident about taking the IELTS exam. At first, I didn't understand the format very well. But Ryan explained to me everything I needed to know, corrected my essays (he even helped in paying attention to some details like grammatical mistakes) and gave me some useful references to practice and clear suggestions in order to succeed. I can never thank him enough for all that help!

Don't over think it and stop searching. This is a very good place to start looking for help and precise advice. Don't hesitate a second to ask all the questions you need and start using these services. Use all the help you can get to succeed on your exam. Ryan is well trained and has your success at heart. You'll never (if you're like me) regret it!

I'd recommend these services to anybody studying for the first time and also for people who already took the IELTS but didn't do very well. Whether you're a student or a qualified health professional like me, I believe your particular needs will all be met. Since I've also studied for the TOEFL, I can tell you, that even if there are some similarities between these two exams, I'd advise you to seek expert training to enhance your chance to succeed for the IELTS. It's important to know the differences and be well prepared.

The main benefit for me was to know where I stand in terms of scoring and to discover my weakness points. Now, I know exactly where I should concentrate my studies before taking the exam.

My favorite feature was definitely the Speaking section. To do a one-on-one practice was fun and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to break the ice with that section, a little bit scary for non-native English like me!

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