​Ensure your band score is the best you can possibly get!

​It’s not enough to know English; you must also understand the IELTS test, and be able to apply good exam strategies to help you through.

​​Most of us think that we can prepare for the IELTS test by ourselves.  But getting proper guidance will help us a lot.  I recommend these services to all who wish for guidance and high band scores in their IELTS exam.  

Sajan K., Civil Engineer

What You Get When You Enroll in the IELTS Placement Package

​Determine your current English Level, a 45-Minute Person Coaching Session and a 10-Day Trial IELTS Assignment Subscription.


​IELTS Placement Test

​Know your English Level: A level of C1 is prefered to take the IELTS test.

When you sign up for lessons at ​IELTS Doha you will take our IELTS Placement Exam . Our IELTS Placement Exam will determine your English level and will help us build your Individual Learning Plan. Your Individual Learning Plan is a custom learning schedule that is adapted to your specific language weaknesses and strengths.  The exam takes about 1.5 hours to complete and tests your Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Grammar skills.


​A 45-Minute Personal Coaching Session

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​I take a personal approach to help you prepare for the IELTS Exam! All new candadiates who complete the IELTS Placement Exam ​will receive a 45-minute Personal Coaching Session. During your 45-minute Personal Coaching Session we will examine your Level, Gap Analysis and Individual Learning Plan to tackle your IELTS challenges.


​A 10-Day Trial IELTS Assignment Subscription

​Your subscription includes:​ Daily IELTS Assignments with Feedback.

When you learn with IELTS Doha your IELTS progress doesn’t stop after each lesson! Between lessons you login to our Student Management System to complete IELTS  Assignments, review Lesson Summaries and your track Progress.

​A modern learning management system is used so you’ll have access to IELTS Assignments, Lesson Summaries and be able to track your progress! Our Student Management System can be accessed from any connected device including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

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